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best albums of the year so far

you all know it was building up to this, so here it is. i’m gonna pick 12, because it’s 2012.

12. high on fire - de vermis mysteriis - matt pike goes for broke on easily the best high on fire record yet, 6 records in.

11. the tallest man on earth - there’s no leaving now - i introduced this guy to my bob dylan-loving friend with this. i just found he plays with open tuning. i think that’s awesome that he casts aside the need to use “the real tuning” to accentuate his singing. quietly beautiful.

10. the flaming lips - the flaming lips and heady fwends - as batshit as it is effective as a great example of a truly collaborative album. stay crazy, wayne coyne.

09. ufomammut - oro: opus primum - the closest thing to epic drone doom since sunn o)))’s monoliths & dimensions, this isn’t even their only album planned this year - this is the first in a two-part series that may wind up beating out my current metal favorite.

08. fiona apple - the idler wheel is wiser than the driver of the screw, and whipping cords will serve you more than ropes will ever do - aside from holding the title for best album title of the year, this record reminds us that regina spektor is just an imitator.

07. beach house - bloom - an already great band releases an even better album than their most recent and best album. the only thing keeping it this low is that it’s a bit front-loaded.

06. killer mike - r.a.p. music - the one-time outkast collaborator provides great production, along with scathing and witty rhymes and bests even his producer’s similarly awesome new lp.

05. torche - harmonicraft - who would have thought sludge pop would translate to something this awesome?

04. spiritualized - sweet heart sweet light - psychedelic soul, and giving us one of the best tracks of the year.

03. japandroids - celebration rock - also providing a best track of the year, this is what would happen if born to run and let it be (replacements) had a child.

02. cloud nothings - attack on memory - i’m sure this would have been great without him, but steve albini takes this and makes it visceral, raw, angry, and cathartic.

01. sigur rós - valtari - this is probably an obvious one if you know me, but if you be patient with it and let it wash over you, it’ll be your favorite too.

record labels of the year

1. fat possum. some impressive shit this year so far.

2. candlelight

3. surprisingly… napalm

4. southern lord. you still don’t do radio promotion.

5. neither do you, profound lore.

this person’s that

1. jerry’s used records

2. bob’s lunch

3. jim’s steaks

4. uncle sam’s subs

5. gary’s comics

i think the mctighe family owns shaler

pop songs that could be performed classically

1. lcd soundsystem - all my friends

2. the national - fake empire

3. fleet foxes - blue ridge mountains

4. sufjan stevens - age of adz

5. flaming lips - my cosmic autumn rebellion

also any sunn o))) song featuring attila csihar, just give it melody

metal albums this year so far

1. torche

2. high on fire

3. ufomammut

4. ihsahn

5. aldebaran

more details to follow…


1. stone arrogant bastard ale

2. great divide espresso oak aged yeti imperial stout

3. north coast old rasputin imperial stout

4. brooklyn black chocolate stout

5. traquair jacobite

the rest are too many…